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About Us


RatcheTech is about one thing - doing it better.

Our wrench is evidence of what we are all about. From improving functionality to being more mindful when interacting with other components, our engineers have dedicated exorbitant amounts of time to perfecting each part. RatcheTech includes the entire Ratcheting Wrench product line manufactured by NeoTech Manufacturing.

NeoTech is a family owned and operated company dedicated to bringing innovation to the hand tool market. We know how hard you work, and our goal is to make it easier to do your job. We understand your frustration with the tool makers who advertise a "new and innovative" hand tool that turns out to be either worthless, or just a re-hashed version of a tool that failed in the market place a decade ago. We concentrate on compact, strong, ratcheting hand tools with a lifetime guarantee. We promise to offer only truly unique, highly functional products. From a ratcheting 3/8 open-end flex-head wrench, to a compact ratcheting crows-foot, to a 4 inch behemoth open-end ratchet, our tools will help make your life easier.